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An Infant’s Smile

You don’t know that The smile you have Pure enough to cure an illness Joyful enough to make a day
For you, it’s merely a smile But if to be precise It’s a transmutation for us From an abyss to a paradise
I cannot guarantee if A more beautiful thing than that exists For no jewellery have I ever seen To compare with the lovely face you persist
This is the work of all little deeds A simple grin or an eye full of tear A cackle, the truest Or a shout saying all The world around you Is a pirate’s treasure lost
All I hope is that You keep on having this grin And the lovely chuckling For now, and for then

final words Hope this content helped you to know about the importance of a smile. You can also visit an infant's smile

Covid-19 vs environment

In a very short span of time Covid-19 has transformed the entire world. It took the lives of thousands of people thus the entire way of life has changed by Covid-19. Every country which is not immune to Covid-19 is putting its maximum efforts for controlling the death toll.
Up to date information about covid 19 vs environment, Covid-19 and the environment  Impact of covid-19 on environment 

This catastrophic virus has put down the world into a state of quarantine thus enabling people to practice social distancing.  The industries, commercial flights, schools and offices have been deserted worldwide.
However, everything comes at a price in some form or other. The major environment and climate bogeyman like industries, civil aviation and transportnetworks have been put into lockdown thus reducing air pollutants like nitrogen dioxide released from vehicles,  spoiling the air quality. The Covid-19 crisis provokes urban wildlife like all human beings are put in their vessels and animals are …

Global warming

Over the last years, the temperature of the earth is increasing at a faster rate, which is simply called global warming. Global warming exists as a result of an accumulation of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases and absorption of sun harmful radiations by these gases in the atmosphere, these gases trap the heath and cause in the rise of global temperature.
Causes of global warming Global warming
A lot of humans, interventions are involved in global warming like the burning of fossil fuel for electricity generation, which results in abundant production of carbon dioxide. Secondly, coal-burning also leads to the greenhouse effect and ultimately global warmingGlobal warming has a profound influence on the environmenthealth and economy of people all around the globe. More side effects will emerge if the issue of global warming continues. A lot of outcomes can be expected as a result of global warming like the melting of glacier and drought-like situation, burning of forests and disturba…


disease is a condition in a which living organism shows deviation from its normal physiological functions.
 Many external and internal factors are involved in the propagation of a disease like an environment, gene pool, food etc. The living entities which are responsible for causing disease are viruses,bacteria and fungi mostly.
Located in North of Pakistan, china is the most populous country in the world. A new group of virus called coronavirus(covid-19)first popped up in the Wuhan City of China. This virus is very vigorous and is resistant to multiple drugs. How this virus popped up? the answer to this question is still perplexing and confusing, Some relate this virus to biological war while others relate it to the consumption of wildlife like snakes, rats and bats.

 When it comes to symptoms of coronavirus, it causes respiratory problems followed by a common cold. Children’s are more subjected to this disease while adults feel fraught and headache.
 To protect yourself from its i…

Impact of Medicinal Plants on Human Health in Yaseen Valley.

The YasinValley, Tehsil Yasin or Babaye-i-Yasen or Worshigum is a high mountain valley in the HindukushMountains, in the northwest region of Gilgit in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.
Plants having active constituents are used to treat various ailments in both human and animal. In most instances, certain medicinalplant species are considered specific for a particular illness but occasionally they have mixed usage. 
Women, followed by children, are identified as the principal collectors of medicinal plants. Due to over-exploitation, several species have gone extinct in the Hindukush-Himalayan regions. 
Local collectors, vendors, herbal drug dealers and others are the ones who threaten the flora of Pakistan contribute to the extinction of some and bringing others to the brink of extinction.
 Though medicinal plants from the wild are an important source of income for local communities, but if not properly managed, this may lead to the destruction of habitat and in return extinction of species…

Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Science and technology are now becoming an emerging field all around the globe and has played a key role in providing life luxuries. At agricultural level science played an important role in providing new crop species which are less vulnerable to disease, high yielding and low water requirement.

Pros and cons of GMOs
Medical News today

An important invention of science is the process of genetic engineering which scientists use to make Genetically Modifies Organisms (GMOs). GMOs are the organisms whose genetic material has been changed using various genetic engineering techniques.

The process simply involves getting a desirable trait from a donororganism and incorporating it into the host organism to produce the desired trait. The topic of GMOs as widely been a controversial one, with some believing in it as the backbone of our future while others thinking of it as nothing else but a health hazard.
CritiquingGMOs does not hold water mainly because it helps us to combat the problem of

Flowers blessing

Since the very beginning, I was very eager to know about flowers. I always wondered how they grow and evolve at later stages I started getting curious about their germination process. Flowers are important for all form of life; it helps in plant reproduction, is used for medicinal purpose, provides food for humans and insects.  Moreover, it is the flowers that make you feel happy and relax and eliminate negative vibes.Flowers are used for versatile purposes like for decoration, making perfumes, to enhance the beauty of the landscape. Like insects, human beings also use some species of flowers, like Rose and Chamomile, to get food. Another important benefit of flowers is that it prevents you from the wrath of other people.

Importance of flowers in nature
Importance of flowers to human
Importance of flowers 

 In Pakistan, Pattoki near Lahore is known to be the best market for the export of cut flowers to different cities in the country. In the city of Peshawar, you will get to see a displ…